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Thank you for stopping by and browsing my work! 

I'm Ronmar and Im a designer who combined research-based information, prototyping, interaction design and visual design to solve complex business problems with elegant user-centered design solutions.

Designing for different firms and start-ups for many years now, thaught me how to balance budgets, business goals, management and development constraints while consistently promoting designing for users or human-centered design.  

My Early years...

I grew up in the year that the world of the web is maturing and at one point, I started to realise that there are bigger opportunities online... "a bigger canvas", where I could display my work.  

So I pivot myself from being a web/graphic designer and learn interaction design, visual design, and human-computer interaction.  I love solving complex problems and designing and that what really interest me to be a product designer. 

Where am I?

I am previously a UX and Visual Designer at Vodafone and I work with exciting projects throughout my past 2 years. I am now looking for new opportunities as I wanted to expand my knowledge in the UX space. 

despite of the challenge of the pandemic, I just graduated last November 2020 with Masters of Design at Media Design School with focus on interaction design. 

I'm currently living and working in Auckland, enjoying my weekend by growing my garden and playing with my dog named Gus.

Community I'm affiliated with 

Media Design School
General Assembly
Bulacan State University
Interaction Design Foundation

DevCon PH

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Book Recommendations

Userpalooza -
Nick Bowmast
Hooked - Nir Eyal
Digital Behavioural Design - Boundless AI
The Design of Everyday Things - Don Norman About Face - Allan Cooper
Blink - Malcom Gladwell
Don't make me think - Steve Krug
Pretty much everything - Aaron Draplin
Work for money, Design for love - David Airey Extreme Ownership - Jocko Willink and Leif Babin Evil by Design - Chris Nodder
Microinteraction - Dan Saffer
Minimalism - Joshua Milburn

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